My Vision Board

VISION BOARD, the name speaks for itself right? Visualising your future goals, achievements, education plans, career & business, finance, love & marriage, travel, health, food, environmental, social, inspirations and the lists go on beacuse each one of us designs our vision board based onto what we want to achieve and how they relate to our feelings. Did I just wrote “feelings”, yes I did and you will agree once you let your heart communicates with your brain. Your brain focus on the goals & dreams but admit to it your heart will allow you to feel the emotions concerning the things which make you happy. For example: I have beach picture on my Vision Board, that doesn’t mean I have plans to own the beach (haha), sticking a beach picture simply connotes the happiness and relaxing atmosphere that the beach brings to me. So you get the bigger picture right, it’s all going to be about visual communication filled with visions and precious feelings, what each picture tells you and how they connect to your goals and feelings. How they can help you get where you want, how each visual speaks and reminds you everyday of your goals, inspirations and desires (place: stick your VB to a place where you see it everyday). 
VB is not just about cutting pictures from magazines and glueing them on your paper, it’s not just because you think this picture will make your VB looks better that you opt for them. VB is about understanding and visualising your future goals. You pick a picture based onto asking yourself several questions:

is this related to my goals? how does the picture speaks to me concerning my goals? does this visual depicts my feelings? how can this visual reminds me about my dreams during the longterm? It is a visualizing exercise, get your creative mind up onto the ladder. You need to understand how and where to layer each of your visuals because each corner will help you to categorise each of your goals based as per your interests. You will see I have beach into one corner, food blog in another side, spiritual, nature, my cat and career each into respective corners. 
This is my vision board which I have started at the ZoliBloguettes Vision Board event. Each space on my paper is brushed with my goals, dreams, inspirations and emotions. Funnily yes so many fishes in my VB and a prickly sea urchin (you might be saying who puts that in their VB). I DID! Sea urchins inspire me despite its prickly, weird and dangerous because of their beautiful colours and calmness under the sea. Well we all do have weird unusual likings right? Amongst all the goals, inspirations and dreams stuffs, I have also put a tiny corner for my favorite food; Paella and Banana Tarte. Is it even allowed to have a tiny space for your favorite food in a VB? Like mentioned above, my VB is not messy and confusing, each photos have been layered and categorised based as per my goals & inspirations.

Beach, ocean, fishes everywhere, corals doodle, a lighthouse at Albion picture and ocean captions. I adhere strongly towards protecting the ocean and the environment. Imagine the danger of eating a fish who has eaten plastic in the ocean? So much to think about in life right? Below depicts my anti-depressant pill; cat. Cats have always filled my life with pure happiness, it is an uncondtional love. 


An important corner in my VB; my career goals and inspiring quotes from (Instagram @thefemalehustlers) which are implying  to help others and yourself! A beautiful coffee picture to boost me up with warming ideas and sometimes a cold jar of juice/mocktail for some freshness. We live in a hot tropical island, the weather can be so unpredictable at times, some days shining with morning sunshine whilst in the afternoon pouring with heavy rains. These are the days I feel uncertain onto whether a cup of coffee or a juice/mocktain will do the trick. Little flower pots into my VB for a greener and healthier atmosphere. 


A corner filled with lush for my FOOD BLOG! Above a little space for God because this is the most important part in my daily life. My life has no existence without God and prayers. Connected to all these visuals are motivational inspiring quotes. “She believed she could so she did”, does this little 7 words connect you with something you thought or still think you can’t achieve? We all do, we all have insecurities, fears, anxiety,  troubles but  what matters is how to deal with them by adopting the pace of calm. Easy peasy to write but hard to abide by it.


Author: Hourushaa Dowlut

Enthusiastic Author on little island Mauritius. Food & Lifestyle Blogger. Let's talk and connect on my Social networks (link below) and business email for a collaboration and partnership.

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